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The University of the Word

by Dick Eastman

Get ready to take your understanding of the Bible to new heights with The University of the Word. This book offers a unique approach to Bible study that will help you tap into the rich reservoir of answers found in God’s Word. Using a simple and effective plan, you’ll learn how to apply the Bible to your life in a meaningful way. You’ll discover 12 foundational principles for spiritual and emotional development in Jesus that will guide you on your journey to spiritual intimacy with God. With the help of the book’s system for cross-referencing and color-coding your Bible, you’ll be able to quickly access key verses and gain deeper insights into God’s Word. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned Christian, The University of the Word is an essential tool for anyone seeking to know God at the highest possible level of spiritual intimacy. So don’t wait, start your journey of spiritual growth and fulfillment today!